Word of the Week: PAUSE

The word of the week is PAUSE. To pause is to stop doing something for a short time before doing it again.

I don’t know about you, but PAUSING LIFE is one of the hardest things I know I MUST do, but often don’t.

I am fairly good with my nutrition, hydration, sleep and workout habits, but most of each day is filled with emails, texts, phone calls, zoom meetings, social media notifications and the many to do’s of life.

The noise from life continues to get noiser and cause distractions.

And if you are married with kids, there is yet…more noise 🙂

Do you have a hard time focusing and GSD (Getting Shit Done)?

PAUSE…even for a few seconds and just breathe.

Practice the Pause

When in doubt, pause.

When angry, pause.

When tired, pause.

When stressed, pause.

And when you pause, pray.”  Chelsea Crockett

Are you up for the PAUSE Challenge this week?

Shut down the noise of life, close your eyes and breathe in and out of the nose.

Good: Pause & Breathe for 1 min or more each day
Better: Pause & Breathe 2x for 1 min or more each day
Best: Pause & Breathe for 3x or more for 1 min or more each day

*Consider using a guided meditation app like 10% happier, calm, etc.

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