Word of the Week: RECOVER

The word of the week is Recover. I thought this would be a good word of the week given we tend to Go Big on Superbowl Sunday. Did you know the day after the Super Bowl is Super-Sick Monday 🙂  Roughly 1 in 5 Super Bowl viewers are expected to miss work the day after the big game. That’s an estimated 26.6 million Americans. Crazy right?

The number one reason for Super Sick Monday and many other sick Monday’s is due to overindulging on food and alcohol, which can often throw off hormones, sleep and motivation.

Recovery after deviating from one’s diet is an important aspect of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Deviating from a healthy diet, whether intentional or not, can disrupt the balance of nutrients and metabolism in the body, leading to feelings of guilt or shame. However, it is important to remember that one day of overeating or indulging in unhealthy food does not undo the progress made through consistent healthy eating.

Rather than punishing oneself for the deviation, it is crucial to focus on getting back on track and making healthy choices moving forward. This can include drinking plenty of water and electrolytes, focusing on sleep, napping, incorporating more protein, vegetables and good fats into meals and getting back into physical activity (best to go low to moderate intensity if you are not feeling 100%). Incorporating essential oils, massage, an Epsom Salt bath, sauna and cold therapy can also help to speed up recovery.

Recovery is not just something we should consider the day after the Super Bowl. I believe it is neglected all the time. What can you do to recover this week?

“Recovering is a chance to start fresh, to rewrite your story, and to create a brighter future.” -Unknown

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