Redwood City Fitness Boot Camp Total Body Workout of the Day 10/8/11- Partner Fat Loss Fun Workout

Redwood City Fitness Boot Camp Total Body Workout of the Day 10/8-FREE Community Boot Camp

Dynamic Warm-Up: 15 min

Perform each exercise for the recommended reps for 30 min:

1.   TRX Biceps & Triceps: 10 Each

2.   Walk/Jog/Sprint-Liners Entire Court

3.    Crunches with Partner Leg Pull: 20

4.   MB Partner Lunges: 10 Each

5.   Battle Ropes- Partner Double Wave: 25 *Each person has a rope handle connected to partner

6.   Speed Ladder- Icky Shuffle Forward & Back:  2 Forward & 2 Back

7.   Partner Push-Ups: 10 *One person holds plank- other push-ups

8.   Partner Band Wide Rows:  20

9.  Partner Seated MB Rotation (Facing Laterally): 15 Each

Finish with Med Ball Pass! Have your group stand in a tight circle (shoulder-to-shoulder). Everyone should get into an isometric squat hold and pass the ball clockwise for 1-5 rounds depending on the size of your group!

Cool Down: Static Stretching

If you can’t see the video above go to: Workout Boot Camp BLOG

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