Why I'm Not VEGAN with Alexandra Jamieson

I just watched a cheezy, but interesting video on you tube, “Why I’m Not VEGAN with Alexandra Jamieson #blissedin – BEXLIFE.”

Cheezy because of the setting of the video and some of the questions asked, but there was some good content within the cheese 🙂

Are you following a specific dietary protocol?

  • Vegan Diet?
  • Vegetarian?
  • Atkins Diet?
  • Zone Diet?
  • Paleo Diet?
  • Low Calorie Diet?
  • Mediterranean Diet?
  • South Beach Diet?
  • Sugar Busters?
  • And the list goes on….

I also have my own nutrition & lifestyle programs, which have proven successful…

  • 5 Day Detox
  • 10 Day Detox
  • 21 Day Detox
  • Reset Nutrition & Lifestyle Program (aka Fat Furnace)

The overall purpose of my programs are to use them as tools to get my coaching clients to listen to their bodies and to experiment with various foods.

I am a big fan of food experiments or food elimination protocols. These are protocols that bring questionable foods in and out of the diet. For example, I highly recommend that you experiment with one of my most basic food elimination protocols. Remove dairy for 7 days and see how you feel. Read how to do it here–> Fat Loss Tip #16

I have learned a few things in my last 23 years, but most importantly…we all have a specific metabolic type or energy source.

Similar to a car, we run best on a very specific fuel source.

I used to think that just because I did well on a certain dietary program that it would work well for all.

This is the basic premise for all of the dietary programs I listed above.

Authors generally write books or express their views after research on themselves and those that also did well on their specific program.

But what about the others out there that didn’t do well on the program?

Almost everyone feels better when they change their diet, but the bigger question is… can you keep that great feeling?

Although there may be a positive feeling from a change in diet, does that mean it should be adopted for life?

Many feel great on my 10 Day Detox Program (vegetarian model), but should they become a vegetarian for life? Maybe? Maybe not?

I tend to follow my 10 Day Detox two-three times per year and I feel better every time I do it. I eliminate better, my energy is increased, I feel leaner and more.

I feel so good, I generally go beyond the 10 days and usually go up to 3 weeks on a vegetarian model.

And then, something happens…that increase energy I had plummets. I can barely workout or focus and my recovery from exercise sucks.

This happened in April and then I thought of a 4 letter word…BEEF.

I ate some beef and wholly cow I felt great.

My energy was back and I could train at a high intensity once again.

This was the second time I had this experience and I caught it faster the second time because of my prior experience.

Although, I would love to be a vegan or vegetarian for spiritual reasons my body wants me to eat animal proteins given my current lifestyle (this could well change).

I have learned that I can go vegan or vegetarian without much exercise, but with high intensity training it is very tough to adopt those lifestyles.

This may explain why we rarely see elite vegetarian or vegan athletes. I know there are a few out there, but it is rare.

It is also tough to be a healthy vegan or vegetarian (regardless of training) because most do not understand how to be healthy and avoid the processed grains and dairy that are typical of these models.

Throughout my experiments on my journey, I have realized that I do not need as much animal protein as I thought and I am constantly tweaking my diet as I continue to listen to my body’s needs.

For now, my ideal food rotation goes something like this:

Monday- Vegan (legumes)

Tuesday- Vegetarian (egg day)

Wednesday- Vegetarian (raw dairy day)

Thursday- Animal Protein (pork)

Friday- Animal Protein (fish)

Saturday- Animal Protein (beef)

Sunday- Animal Protein (eggs & chicken)

In summary, listen to your body’s clues and you will be led in the right direction. Check out Fat Loss Tip #36 for more.

Listen to the video “Why I’m Not VEGAN with Alexandra Jamieson #blissedin – BEXLIFE.” and let me know what you think.

I would love to hear how you did on the dairy elimination. Keep me updated.

Your friend & coach,


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