Why Peanut Butter Is Bad For You…

There are a lot of people who use peanut butter as a spread, in their shakes, or in different recipes every day.

But, what they may not understand is that commercial peanut butter contains loads of added sugar, additives, or nasty oils that can lead to fat gain.

In addition, peanuts are a common allergenic food, as are many nuts.

I routinely see peanuts, as well as almonds show up on blood work for food allergens, sensitivities, intolerances and reactivity’s.

One of my colleagues, Dr. Kniskern from San Carlos Acupuncture says peanuts often cause colon polyps and after avoiding peanuts these polyps go away.

It seems as though all schools are now becoming “peanut free” or “nut free.”

My partners from Prograde wrote a good article Why Peanut Butter Is Bad For You”

You will see 3 other spreads that are sooo much better for your fat loss.

One of my favorites is sunflower butter. It is great with raw honey and cinnamon on toasted Paleobread.

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