28 Day Summer Slimdown Challenge (password needed)

Welcome to 28 Day Summer Slimdown!

Thank you for taking on the challenge!

Below you will find a comprehensive list of important things to know and information to review to successfully complete the 28 Day Summer Slimdown.  I recommend that you refer to these resources often.

Here is what you get with the 28 Day Belly Blast:

  1. FITNESS: Unlimited Group Training Boot Camp Sessions<<<Please schedule your sessions in advance.
  2. NUTRITION:  Download the 28 Day Summer Slimdown Meal Plan By Clicking Here.
    I recommend downloading the file to a regular computer (not a mobile device). You will find everything you need for nutrition information in the file to have a successful 28 days and beyond! Please schedule your online 20 minute Nutrition Consultation ASAP here: SCHEDULE  *This will be a zoom call.
  3. ACCOUNTABILITY: Weekly measurements with the Renpho Scale & Pre & Post Measurements with the Fit3D Body Scanner.
  4. SUPPORT: Tons…20 minute nutrition consultation. We will also support our challengers via Voxer and our Private Facebook Group Brien Shamp’s Coaching Program 
    Please get the VOXER app from your app store if you don’t have it ASAP. This our preferred method to coach our clients. Connect with me @ Brien’s ID: coachbrienshamp. Tonya’s ID: coachtonya (Burlingame location) or Cheryle’s ID: coachcheryle (Belmont/San Carlos location).

The 28 Day Summer Slimdown is a Challenge with Winners & Prizes thanks to Prestige Labs for sponsoring. You can also bring a guest for only $97. Your guest can join you in the challenge and experience our Unlimited Group Training Sessions (Boot Camps) for 28 days and the rest of the 28 Day Summer Slimdown Model with you!!! Over $500 in value for only $97!! Just let us know who to contact.

For more information on Prestige Labs and how to order products at our employee cost click  here>>> Prestige Labs

Here are the details of the challenge: 
  • Registration starts now until we get 200 people or start the challenge on Monday, May 13th.
  • The last day of the challenge is June 9th (Final Weigh outs are June 8th, 9th & 10th). Schedule here: Weigh Outs 
  • In order to be eligible for the $1000 Prestige you have to submit your before and after photos by 11:59 PM EST on June 15th. For more on the contest go here: Prestige Guidelines
  • In order to be eligible for the other prizes, final weigh out form must be completed by 11:59 PM EST on June 15th.
  • Weigh Ins/Measurements are May 11th, 12th and 13th. You will schedule your weigh in at our Harbor location only. Schedule here: Weigh Ins 
  • Be prepared to take a Fit3D Body scan, weigh in on the Renpho scale and take 4 photos with your phone pre & post challenge.
  • Create a Fit3D account here: Fit3D Account *Only takes 1 minute and it will speed up the process on the day of measurement.
    Once you arrive, you will only need to remember your password to log into the Fit3D scanner.
  • To speed up the measurement process, please make sure you download the Renpho scale app on your phone (its green) and create an account. Keep the athlete mode turned off unless you have trained 10 hours per week consistently.
  • Please review the videos below prior to weigh in:

Prestige labs will award 4 men and 4 women with the highest total Submission scores $1,000. I would love to have someone win and represent our program. I am also throwing in a 6 Week Challenge for a male and female winner ($600) and each will receive the Men’s/Women’s Ultimate Transformation Bundle valued at $700 each!

Winners of the 6 week challenge and  Men’s/Women’s Ultimate Transformation Bundle will be determined by the following:

  • % Body Fat loss as determined by your Fit3D body scan.
  • Pre & post photos are highly recommended and may be a deciding factor for the selection of the winners. *Photos will not be published without approval

That’s over $2500 in prizes and you participate for FREE as a member or just $97 for your guest.

Before you start the challenge, complete the following two online forms:

My goal for you in the next 28 days is to make a serious dent in your fat loss, especially around the belly. You can do it, but the most important thing is your mindset. You have to make YOU a Priority!!! Much of this begins with being very clear on your goals, when you want to achieve them and how you are going to get there. The “Goal Success Form” will help you with this process and it is your “homework assignment” that is due ASAP 🙂

Aim to significantly reduce stress in all areas of your life during this challenge: Do you need more sleep? Are you meeting your daily needs? More is not necessarily better. Exercise is only one part of the fat loss and health improvement equation… even smaller than sleep and food! Review my 7 Daily Primal Needs document & article by clicking on this link. The information contained in it is very important!


Login and visit this webpage often to stay on track and keep the program guidelines fresh in your memory 🙂

For more information on Prestige Labs and how to order products at our employee cost go here: Prestige Labs

Thank you again for taking action on this summer challenge. We are in this together.

Coach Brien

If  you have questions, remember to Vox me @ coachbrienshamp.