Do you fear fat?

 I have an article in my Coaches Corner Column in Parenting on the Peninsula, April 2013 “Don’t Fear Fat.”

If you were around in the mid to late 1980′s, you may remember the plethora of fat free foods and low fat foods that crept onto our shelves. They were in all of our grocery stores, but were they really food? They tasted like food, smelled like food, but there was something terribly wrong.

If you were like me, you were never satisfied even though you consumed a massive amount of calories, carbohydrates and sugar!

You constantly desired more and ate more of this so called food. And then…
• You got fatter instead of leaner
• You had more inflammation and pain and couldn’t recover well from exercise
• You couldn’t focus
• Your sweet cravings got worse
• You had night sweats between 1-3 am
• You had more fatigue
• Diabetes, thyroid conditions, cholesterol, blood pressure and other health conditions got worse

This is the story of billions of people like me that learned to fear fat and had symptoms of a fat fee or low fat dietary model.

Are you still fearful of fat like I was back in the day?

Do you believe that dietary fat intake will increase your body fat percentage?

Are you up to date with the latest on nutrition and what is the right fuel source for you and your family?

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Here is the rest of the article from Parenting on the Peninsula, April 2013–> Don’t Fear Fat

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