Fat Loss Tip #37: Eat Out Less and Prepare To Eat In More Often! (Simple Meal Ideas Inside)

Happy Sunday!

I hope you are having a great weekend so far.

Recently, many have told me that they want more recipe ideas. I am by no means a culinary chef, but I do seem to have a knack for throwing things together quickly that are healthy also.

I am busy just like you, so spending hours in the kitchen is not one of my main priorities.

In order to eat well, you have to plan and prepare accordingly. Check out Fat Loss Tip #27 for some great snack ideas: Plan & Prepare

My Wife (Chris) & I do make it a priority to have food in the house and with us outside the house at all times, and so should you.

Our typical week of shopping for food looks something like this:

Saturday- Costco & Farmer’s Market or Sigonas (Fruits & Veggies)

Sunday or Monday- Whole Foods/Trader Joe’s

Thursday- Whole Foods

Many that I talk with who want to lose body fat, weight and improve their health do not make the time to go shopping for food. It is kind of hard to eat and feel well if you don’t plan & prepare to eat well.

If you are only shopping one time per week it is doubtful that you are eating enough high quality, fresh veggies & fruit because (unless frozen) they only last so long. In the ideal world, we would eat our vegetables & fruits soon after they were picked to optimize nutrition content.

Chris was just mentioning to me during lunch that the carrots were super sweet. I used to buy the organic peeled carrots from Costco given their quantity, convenience and inexpensive cost. There is no comparison in taste when you buy the carrots from a Farmer’s Market given the carrot was picked within a few days of the market. Who knows how long those carrots are sitting in that plastic bag at Costco? Many a bag over the years has went bad before I finished them all 🙂

If you are eating out more than a couple times a week, odds are that your physiology is not quite balanced and you have more body fat and weight than you would like.

It is tough to be healthy and lean when eating out given we tend to over- indulge due to the consumption of larger serving sizes than we need. In addition we often consume unknown, genetically altered and poor ingredients. The foods we eat are also combined improperly and over-heated making them tough to digest.

Fat Loss Tip #37: Eat out less and prepare to eat in more often!

I do not like following recipes, but following recipes is how Chris, the main Chef in the house rolls.

If you are like me and would just like to keep things simple check out some quick meal ideas I through together for breakfast and lunch today:


  • Chopped papaya & banana fruit salad with lime juice
  • Organic Strauss whole fat yogurt with cinnamon, walnuts, blueberries, banana and One World Chocolate Whey Protein (my kids and I love this whey protein for it’s taste and quality)


  • Chicken salad: shredded chicken, olive oil, Dijon mustard, sea salt, pepper and celery placed on top of romaine lettuce, purple onions, cherry tomatoes, avocado and sprouts
  • Celery and carrots dipped into an avocado hummus

The whey protein from One World Whey is a normal part of my weekly schedule. I use it most mornings of the week in my smoothies, add it to yogurt or my grainless cereal (Lydia’s Organics at Whole Foods) and occasionally use it to curb my sweet cravings post dinner for my final snack of the day (another smoothie).

If you are in need of a high quality protein source that tastes fabulous check it out: One World Chocolate Whey Protein

Have a great rest of the day and enjoy every minute of the weekend!

Your friend & coach,


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