Fit Body Boot Camp Burlingame Fitness Training 2/2/16: Challenge Days 22 & 26- Core Cardio 6 Station Rotation

Phase 1: Warm-Up: Perform 3 minutes of diaphragmatic breathing while lying supine: Diaphragmatic Breathing Video
Lie on back and initiate breathing with belly–>rib cage and then chest, instead of initiating with chest. Breathe in and out of nose for approximately 15s each breath (5s inhale–> 5 s hold–> 5 s exhale). Emphasize that campers do this upon rising and going to sleep and if they want an amazing shift in their state at any time, while breathing think about 3 things they are grateful for.

Phase 2: Floor Stretches (5 min) *Work on forearm/wrist mobility

Phase 3: Go over cardio in wod below (3 min)

*Review WOD below and assign campers stations for the WOD below. After Phase 3 boot campers immediately transition to WOD. They can get water at any time on their own.

WOD: Perform the following CORE Movements below for 40s intervals and follow with CARDIO for 40s for 3 sets each station, then rotate to next station. All Boot Campers will perform same CARDIO as a group; however, you can accommodate twice as many campers if half the group does the CORE and the other half does CARDIO. Transition time is 5s between CORE & CARDIO and so they need to move quickly.  

*Set Gym Boss or Interval App to: 40s work time, 5s rest, 6 sets, 30s transition time after all 3 sets are complete for CORE & CARDIO, 36 total sets for workout. 

*3B’s= Draw in belly towards spine, engage bladder muscles and tuck butt

*2B’s= Draw in belly towards spine & engage bladder muscles

CORE (40s x 3  Sets):

  1. MB Kneeling Partner Side to Side Toss- Facing Each Other (20s each side) *Rotate from core*2B’s *Make it somewhat tough to toss the ball with a challenging load *Collar bones up 1″
  2. TRX Hip Drop (20s each side) *3B’s
  3. Battle Ropes : Alternating Waves & Figure 8’s (20s each) *2B’s *Hinge from hip *Quick hands *Collar bones up 1″
  4. Lower Ab with MB/Roll Btw Hams & Heels *Anchor arms overhead  to curl pelvis easier *3B’s
  5. Swiss Ball 1 Leg Bridge (20s each side) *Start supine with both feet on ball, lift one leg and perform bridge, lifting hips up and down for 20s then switch legs *Hands to sides on ground *3B’s
  6. Push-Up Hold with Opp. Arm & leg  (Hold 2s each side) *3B’s * Hands under shoulders *Collar bones up 1″ *Reduce intensity by going to elbows, widen feet, alt. legs only etc.

Cardio: (40s x 3  Sets) (Relax heels- Toes up):

  1. Jump Squats
  2. Airborne Heisman’s
  3. Twist Combo
  4. Double Airborne Heisman’s
  5. Standing Mountain Climbers
  6. Hot Foot (20s each side)

See video of movements here: Plyometrics Workout Video

Circle Time-Cool Down Stretches: 5 min

Are you up for a challenge? Sign up for the 6 Week Boot Camp Transformation Challenge: Transformation Challenge

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