I’ve been getting a lot of questions the past few days…. A lot of them being questions about, “​What is The Be Better Today Group Training Program?” ?

The Be Better Today Group Training Fitness Program was designed to replicate the structured, personal training experience, making training with an expert coach more affordable and helping even more people look and feel their best.

Julie like personal training we do our best to modify and adapt all movements for beginners, various fitness levels and for those with injuries.

We have both virtual and in-person options available, which may just offer you the convenience of both world’s!

Honestly, I believe nothing gives you a better idea than trying it yourself!!

I know that’s the way I am.  That’s why I want to invite you to workout  with us for a whole week for FREE!

Check it out for yourself!  See if you like it! (Hint, hint, you will ?)

When you’re here, I can answer any questions you have about our programs or anything else.

When trying to find the right program for you, you need to be sure you like the workouts and the program can be adapted to your needs. It’s also extremely important that it is convenient, so you do it often!

If you are not entertained, or if the workouts are causing pain and if your workouts are not convenient… you won’t stick with it and you won’t hit your goals.

CLICK HERE​ to claim your free week!!! ? 

Have an awesome week!

Coach Brien