Happy Labor Day! (huge sale alert)

Happy Labor Day

I have a special surprise for you today …  a pop-up FLASH SALE on my 7 Step “I AM A PRIORITY”, Mind & Body Performance Coaching Program in honor of Labor Day!

It’s one of our most popular remote personalized programs … and for the next 24-hours, you can get it for 20% off!

I created this program because I realized that so many people were struggling with high performance, clarity, sustained energy and losing that last 15 pounds … even though they thought they were doing EVERYTHING right.

We’ve worked with over 100K+ clients to help them… so I knew I had to create a program that would teach the same simple tweaks we taught our clients … to help others get those same life-changing results. 

And that’s exactly what the Program is all about!

And right now you can jump in for 20% OFF for a VERY short time:

●    Personalized Lifestyle Solutions to create LIFE-BALANCE (Breathing, Hydration, Sleep, Food, Exercise, etc.)
●    Bi-Weekly Accountability Coaching Call with Me
●    Nutrition recommendations specifically for you to improve gut function, immune health, blood sugar balance, and more.
●Daily Livestream & OnDemand Workouts – my team and I will modify the workouts for your skill, fitness and injuries
●    Weekly group coaching call to give you even more support and community- something that’s lacking in today’s world
●    Daily accountability with our check in process
●    Want even more clarity with your food? We have the technology to take out the guesswork and test what works for your body instead of just following random nutrition recommendations. Check this out: Inner Health 4 You 

The clock is ticking. Don’t miss your chance to save  BIG and get the personalized coaching you need to make sense out of what you are going through! 

To Learn More About my 7 Step “I AM A PRIORITY”, 

Mind & Body Performance Coaching Program go here:


If you have any questions, just reply back to this email.

Happy Labor Day,

Coach Brien