How To Change Your Emotional State in Seconds

It’s Friday afternoon and I kinda don’t know what to do with myself 🙂

Last Thursday – Saturday I went to Tony Robbins Unleash The Power Within Workshop for the 3rd time with 10,500 of my new friends and I can hardly sit still.

I am filled with hunger, excitement, joy, possibility and love.

You may be thinking, why would I go to the same event 3 times?

The event was relatively the same, but I am different every time I attend.

With my ever-changing filters based upon my past experiences I have different takeaways each time.

I honestly didn’t want to go on Day 1- Thursday because it was an inconvenience to my normal routine. I didn’t want to jump around and be motivated. I was somewhat content being FOCUSED on anger and sadness given the election on November 8th (even though I am excited for change). I also didn’t think I would get a lot more from attending the event for a 3rd time. Even after attending Day 1 and having a great experience I wasn’t in a rush to go back on Day 2 or 3.

My biggest mistake was trying to do this 3 day workshop, while still attempting to work a little and do a few activities with my kids. It’s always best to get a full immersion if you want the best experience. Get a room close by or do a workshop like this in another city away from home. In reflection, my emotional state prior to the event can be summed up as piss poor, even though I consider myself grateful and happy most of the time 🙂

There are so many takeaways I can share, but a very important one is the need to end your suffering (stress, anxiety, sadness, fear, etc.) NOW, so you can experience the joy and happiness you deserve NOW.

Yes… NOW! Not later. Not after years of therapy… NOW!

Back in 2012, Tony sold me on his work when he said, “One can change their emotional state in seconds.” He says, how fast? And we all snap our fingers several hundred times in a 3 day workshop.

That is quite a claim, right? How can one go from anxiety to happiness? Depression to joy? Really?

I wouldn’t have believed it either, but I have seen many of Tony’s interventions on suicidal people that changed their emotional states in a short period of time, right before my eyes. I knew I wanted to learn this skill to change my own emotional state in seconds and to teach it to others, which I have been doing for the last 4 years. I practice this skill every day before I teach a boot camp session, leave the house or even write an article like this to you. I often practice this skill to help motivate me to get out of bed or workout. I need to get into the right emotional state to deal with the world just like you. I use this skill with others all day long. When my kids are angry or sad I use it to change their state.

The skill is integrated in all that I do with my clients, especially when I do coaching. It is a small part of our daily fitness program, but a big part of my complete program, which is more than just showing up for a class. You will get more of this skill when you complete the digital goal sheet, revise it weekly and get an accountability partner or advanced coaching (let me know if you are interested in this). More on the goal process here: goals.

Important note… It is a skill to change your emotional state in seconds.

Like any skill you want to improve, it takes awareness, practice, patience and repetition. I believe this particular skill takes your entire lifetime to master because I still find myself suffering a few times a day. I am now able to get out of the suffering faster.

First, you need to become aware of your suffering (note, suffering is not always bad). We need to suffer on occasion to change our direction in life. The key is to listen to the body’s clues and change course, so suffering doesn’t take a toll on your health.

When I first attended personal development workshops I didn’t even think I had any problems. I initially went to Landmark Education to become a better fitness presenter and then realized I have some S… to work on.

I was too busy and stressed too think about having problems in the past. It’s amazing what happens when we listen instead of doing or talking.

Funny thing is the more work I do on myself the more screwed up I realize I was. For those of you that have known me for a while…I apologize for anything I did to offend or anger you 🙂

Tony’s simplified model to change your emotional state in seconds is by working on 3 areas:

  1. Your Physiology– Foundation for effective change. Anything you do with your body: posture, breathing, exercise, dance, the food you eat, the water you drink, etc. can allow you to change your state. The body was meant to move. This is the focus of our boot camp sessions, which is why our clients feel so much better quickly as we improve posture and move the way we were intended. The worst thing you can do for your physiology is to sit in a slouched position- this is the fast track to poor emotional health and suffering. Your food intake has a huge effect on emotional health, which we see clearly in kids with behavioral issues.
  2. Your Focus– Where focus goes energy flows. Prior to attending Day 1 I was FOCUSED on anger and sadness given the election. I was committed to that state, but Tony’s program was more committed to changing my state and I did. Are you focused on the world ending with Trump as president? It will if you believe that to be so. One way to focus your attention positively is to get your magic time. Wake up 30 minutes before everyone else in your house and DO NOT LOOK AT YOUR EMAILS OR SOCIAL MEDIA! Focus on getting your 6 daily primal needs met. Review your digital goal sheet often so you don’t forget what you really want and why. We often get distracted by the needs of others and the chaos around us. Raise Your Standards and others will follow.
  3. Your Language– The language you speak to yourself and others determines your meaning or perspective. I can change my emotional state in seconds by changing my language. My limiting beliefs have been: I am not good enough. I don’t have enough time. I don’t have enough money. Limiting beliefs are beliefs that you tell yourself that are not true, but they are to the one who gave meaning to them. My limiting beliefs have been with me for many years, but they no longer own me. Each morning and whenever I feel anxious, fear, anger or depression I work on my language. I start my day with the following:
    • I am a vessel for God, an agent for change, a force for good.
    • I am blessed by God’s grace and abundance.
    • I am exactly where I need to be.

    For the last few years and still on occasion, I say I am faith, I am love, I am passion, I am courage, I am safe, I am grounded, I am focus, I am free.I hope you find some words that resonate with you and try the exercise below. To drive the language into the nervous system at a deeper level, I say the above words while moving, so they become my common language and beliefs. Tony calls this process Incantations. Find some words that work for you and say them the next time you exercise. We did this today while performing a 2.5 minute burpee challenge. The next time you get up from a burpee, squat, pushup, etc. tell yourself a motivating word or phrase that will give you the ability to do more. In time you will create a language shift and you should find less suffering and more joy & love in all that you do.

    For more on language and incantations see this video here: Power of Language

Final note. If you want the fast way to change your emotional state in seconds that hits all 3 areas above all you have to do is think of 3 things you are grateful for, while placing your hands on your heart and performing slow, deep rhythmic breaths.

When you are grateful, you FOCUS on being grateful and nothing else matters.

When you are grateful your PHYSIOLOGY will shift from a fight or flight, stress response to a relaxed way of being that allows you to flow from your heart instead of your head. Life is much easier in this state.

When you are grateful, your LANGUAGE is gratitude and the love pores through you.

We are all capable of more. By being in your best emotional state most of the day, you can achieve whatever you want MOST of the time 🙂

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