Important Boot Camp Changes (please read)!

This maybe the second email for some of you. Given the importance, I am sending it from two different sources. Unfortunately, some of you do not get my weekly broadcast and newsletter each Monday.

We have some cool stuff happening at Shamp’s Boot Camps.

The Burlingame Boot Camp will be moving to a new location on Friday, August 2nd. Our new location will be Gold Medal Martial Arts in Burlingame: 1333 Howard Ave.

This is a clean and vibrant facility, located in downtown Burlingame. Unfortunately, there are no showers, but the facility is top notch.

I believe Gold Medal will make a great partner for us given we have a similar mindset. They deliver high quality Martial Arts instruction and create a family-like community in three locations: Burlingame, Belmont and Foster City. I am excited for my son Miles to do their Mighty Monkees program in Belmont. For more on Gold Medal Martial Arts–> Click Here

We are grateful to have been at Accel Gymnastics for almost 3 years. Accel is undergoing a lot of remodeling and has recently removed their showers. The remodel and constant changes has made it a tough environment for us to deliver quality programming.

We made an announcement of the change in location on Wednesday to the Burlingame group and they were very excited for the move. I wasn’t aware of the severity of the problems we had at Accel, given there was little feedback from the campers till recently. Keep in mind that I want to make your experience as pleasant as possible, so please give me feedback on ways to improve the programs.

If you want to join the Burlingame Boot Camp at the new location, join us Friday, August 2nd at 6 am or 7 am.I have a feeling this location is going to sell out quick, similar to the Belmont Boot Camp @ 6 am.

For a 3 session trial for only $29, go to www.BurlingameFit.com

And to the next update…

Tuesday, September 3rd we will have a new Foster City Boot Camp! We will offer programs in Foster City Athletic Club: 1159 Chess Drive. Members of Foster City Boot Camp will have free gym and group exercise access, as well as shower and sauna use. We will have early morning and evening classes. More to come soon, including a special promotion. Please share our new location with your friends, so we can get the word out. For more on Foster City Athletic Club–> FCAC

Can you send me an email with your interest in this location, so I can get a feel of the demand. I am sure that some of you enrolled in the boot camp program will want to switch your main location to take advantage of the amenities FCAC offers.

I hope to see you this weekend at Relay for Life at Carlmont High School. Join us for a 11 am boot camp, and take a walk or jog around the track after 10 am on Saturday or before 10 am on Sunday to support the cause. I will be running at noon on Saturday and from 6-8 am on Sunday. For more information and to sign up–> Relay for Life

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