Is your diet making you fat? (Time Sensitive Cyber Monday Sale On My Holiday Challenge)

This coming Monday, December 5th I have a new small

group starting my 21 Day Holiday Challenge…just in

time for Christmas and for you to finish the year with

momentum as we head into 2023!

Here is the link for more information and to register

before the price goes up on Sunday:


Everyone knows dieting = fat loss… right?

But wow, is it hard. It takes way too much effort to sort

through all of the conflicting information on the

internet to just “find” the right diet…

And then actually following it?  Well, with most diets

so restrictive on calories, it’s no wonder they’re so

hard to follow.

This leads to most people burning-out, giving-up, or

‘caving in to cravings’ after just a few weeks, or even

days of following a new diet.

Then you find yourself in the vicious “circle cycle” of

dieting, eating poorly, dieting, eating poorly… you

know the drill.

Now, if this is the type of situation you’ve found

yourself in… if you find yourself dieting, working out,

and trying to get fit (without seeing the results you


Then you can almost certainly relate to the stress,

frustration, and exhaustion it causes.

Thankfully, once you stop trying to force your body

to consume the “diet” foods it’s simply not designed

for… and start feeding it what it actually wants…

You CAN lose weight, belly fat, get in shape, and take

back control of your life… and your waistline. How?

It’s all to do with the way the human body has


You see, our bodies are designed to live off of certain


Think proteins, vegetables, healthy fats…

Basically the kind of foods our ancestors ate

thousands of years ago…

NOT the processed junk that lines supermarket

shelves today.

Of course, you could just eat a ‘sensible’ diet – doing

so would almost certainly improve your health, and

help you lose weight…

But if you want to lose weight and belly fat FAST &


without hunger cravings, or feelings of emptiness…

Then it’s vital you follow a diet that is biologically

compatible with your body.

And the Keto Diet is the perfect example, but not the

Keto diet you may have tried in the past that

recommended dairy that often leads to inflammation

and digestive stress.

The Keto diet I developed is specifically designed to

give your body the nutrients, minerals, and energy it

needs to run at maximum efficiency

It has even worked wonders for vegetarians!

And I’ve seen, first-hand, the incredible speed at

which weight-loss and fat-loss can happen when you’re

following the Keto diet alongside healthy rituals,

including a frequent workout program.

That’s why I decided to take on another group for the

“21-Day Keto Holiday Challenge” again now, just in time

for the holidays (when things can go very bad with all

those celebratory parties)- a fully-comprehensive

nutrition, lifestyle and workout program that gives

you everything you need to start losing weight and

belly fat – FAST.

—> Learn more about it right here
 (Cyber Monday Sale is continuing until Saturday @ midnight PST – The price will go up $50 on Sunday)

It doesn’t matter if you’ve tried and failed multiple

times before, or are just starting out on your weight-

loss journey for the first time…

If you follow our 21-Day Keto Challenge, in just 3

weeks from now, you’ll be feeling like a refreshed, re-

energized, and renewed version of yourself today.

I guarantee it.

—>Here’s where you can find out more about the

21-Day Keto Holiday Challenge

Coach Brien Shamp

P.S.  (Cyber Monday Sale is continuing until Saturday @ midnight PST – The price will go up $50 on Sunday)
P.S. Please share this program with your friends and family. It’s even better when you have support with those around you!