Mystery SOLVED!

Happy Thursday!

Many people get hung up on the number on the scale.

They weigh themselves naked first thing in the morning to see if it is a good day or bad day.

Whatever it reads, whether up or down determines their level of happiness. Really think about that. Hmmm.

I do recommend daily weigh-ins for tracking and trending (only if your scale measures body fat and you follow the right protocol​); however, I am a big believer in staying away from labeling things good or bad (save that for another day).

To make things even more confusing & frustrating, many then weigh themselves again after lunch and they are up 3lbs!

What the heck happened?!?!

Two likely things…

1. You drank some water and a pint of water is a lb. If you are dehydrated also, your body will HOLD onto the water until it feels safe and is hydrated. That is definitely a reason you feel bloated and if you are always dehydrated, that is why you always feel bloated.

2. You had some carbs and the body holds 3x its weight in water from glycogen. So, if you consume 50 grams of carbs, you hold 150 grams of water equaling 15 ounces of water. 1 cup is a pint and 1 pint is 8 ounces of water equaling just short of 2lbs of water weight.

Mystery SOLVED! 

So, the next time you weigh in; first “weigh in” on what matters; the way your clothes feel AND second ask yourself the smarter questions. Did I drink water? Am I hydrated? Did I consume carbs and if so, that could be the reason I am up a couple to a few pounds.

You will always gain more weight as the day goes on, so weigh in only first thing in the morning!

Simple enough right:-)

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