Not just another boot camp….

Happy Holidays!

Many of you know this…

I have two main specialties these days: Boot Camp Programs and Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching.

You might not know this…

My boot camp programs are unique and not just another boot camp program.

Anyone can tell you to run, jump, do push-ups, squats, burpees and more.

Anyone can start a boot camp and you can even do them now at the local gyms for free.

Most of the boot camps around the country are around $200, but you could do even better and be a groupon shopper who travels the bay area doing all the boot camps for $39 trials.

Shamp’s Boot Camps are unique for a number of reasons:

  • There is purpose and structure for each workout. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are total body, high intensity interval training sessions designed to challenge you and your metabolism to elevate, both during and after the session. Tuesdays and Thursdays are core-cardio recovery days. My goal for you is to not go out of breath on these days and for you to leave feeling better (looser and taller) than when you walked in.
  • I write up all the workouts and send them to the expert coaches each week.
  • The coaches are trained to adapt the workout to your needs as good as we can in a group setting.
  • You can do as little as you need to based upon your injures, fitness and skill.
  • We will motivate and help you progress over time.
  • I am on a 5-6 month rotation with my program design and even then I refine the programs to make them better each time we do them. You will never get bored and neither will the coaches.
  • The coaches are there to help you get better and are not there for their personal workout.
  • The workout is just one piece of the health & fitness transformation puzzle. If you just workout (regardless of the workout) you will see results, but minimal results. To get the most out of a transformation program, it is highly recommended you work with us at a deeper level on meeting your physiological needs: breathing & meditation, water intake, food intake, sleep, creating positive communities and improving/completing relationships.

I now have over 66 Boot Camp sessions at 6 locations on the peninsula each week. If you are already in the program, but have not yet had your nutrition & lifestyle coaching session, please reply me to this email.

To get started with a boot camp program, check the schedule below, pick a time and location and sign up for a 3 session trial for only $29. For a schedule of Programs and to sign up go to–> www.ShampsBootCamps.com

If you are considering joining our Tough Mudder Tahoe Team in July, please sign up ASAP. It is almost sold out for Saturday and we would love to have you join the team. For $10 OFF, use the code MILLIONMUDDERMAY at checkout. For more info go to–> Tough Mudder Tahoe

The Trail Run & Hike Group will meet next Saturday, June 1st (7:00 am) at Waterdog in Belmont- intersection of Lake and Lyall.

The group will do between 3-8 miles depending on desire 🙂 All levels welcome.

There is a new Trail Run Meet-Up Group on Thursdays @ 6:30 am. The group will meet at the Elephant Bar parking lot in Burlingame near the bay trail *Team Captain: Dolores *Please RSVP to Dolores @ [email protected] if you plan on attending.

See the weekly trail schedule here: Trail Schedule

Each Saturday in June, there will be a Total Body Boot Camp @ 9 am. Members can sign up here for the next class, Saturday, June 1st–> Sign Up

Non-members can take the Saturday class for $15 (drop in)

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See my latest articles here: www.BrienShamp.com

Have a great week!