OMG! Check out this transformation…


Kelly lost 24.1 lbs of FAT in only 51/2 weeks.???

She also lost 7.4% body fat, gained 4.6 lbs of muscle and lost approximately 18″ of her old self.

Love the Fit3D Body Scanner: FIT3D

Check out the data below.

Many people are successful regardless of the program, but give up because they simply don’t understand what is happening.

Failure is highly likely when you solely focus on weight loss or don’t track anything 🙁

You must gain clarity of your numbers to realize your progress.

Here is the other cool thing about Kelly…

She hasn’t stepped foot inside a gym.

She is doing our online 1:1 Success Coaching Program.

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Kelly does lot’s of walking, some basic strength training movements at home with a big focus on daily rituals, mindset, breathing, hydration, sleep and foods that improve digestion!

She eats a moderate amount of carbs (quinoa, sweet potatoes, rice, fruit), high-quality protein and healthy fat sources.

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