Schedule for next week, Labor Day schedule, new software for members…

If you attend San Mateo Gymnastics in Belmont for Boot Camps, it is closed next week (8/26-8/30) for their annual upgrades and cleaning.


You have a few choices for boot camps next week to replace those morning times:

Hello Boot Campers!


I have a couple updates for you:


If you attend San Mateo Gymnastics in Belmont for Boot Camps, it is closed next week (8/26-8/30) for their annual upgrades and cleaning.


You have a few choices for boot camps next week to replace those morning times:


  • New Burlingame Boot Camp location on Howard @ 6 or 7 am- Mon, Tues, Wed & Fri
  • San Mateo Boot Camp on Leslie @ 6 am – Mon, Wed, Thurs & Fri
  • Studio Boot Camp on Harbor @ 5:30 am- Mon, Wed, Thurs & Fri
  • Studio Boot Camp on Harbor 6:25 am Mon, Wed & Fri *One week only at Studio * We will be done @ 7:10 am
  • Studio Boot Camp on Harbor 6:00 am Tues *One week only at Studio
  • Studio Boot Camp on Harbor 7:10 am Mon, Tues, Wed & Fri *One week only at Studio


For those who are attending Studio on Harbor (248a Harbor, Belmont), please park on the street in front of Belmont Café or in the parking lot next to the studio.

For a complete schedule of classes, see the attached.


There are no classes on Saturday, August 31st or Monday, September 2nd in celebration of Labor Day


We have a new Body Fat and Fitness Tracking Software included with your membership – register with this link: http://brienshamp.fitclients.com/Account/Register.aspx


To keep things simple, please use bootcamp1 for the password.


This software will allow you and I to track your progress for your goal achievement. You can add your goal weight and body fat, upload photos, input your body weight, body fat and measurements. For those that want to lose weight and body fat, I would like for you to measure each Monday to keep you accountable and committed to your goals. Measuring on Monday can help one make better choices on the weekends, which tends to break people.


Measurements can either be done at your boot camp location or you can do it at home. Let me know via email if you want to get measured at your boot camp location. If you would like to purchase a analyzer for your home go to Amazon hereà Omron. The key is to use the same measurement device.


Here are some additional steps you can take in order to prepare your body for a more accurate composition analysis:


  • Drink 2 glasses of water prior to testing.
  • Go to the bathroom and void as much as possible prior to testing.
  • Avoid caffeine prior to testing.
  • Avoid alcohol 24 hours prior to taking the test.
  • Do not exercise within 4 hours prior to taking the test.
  • It is important to weigh and measure yourself at the same time of day each time in order to get reliable and consistent results. It is  best to test after waking before food intake.
  • Avoid caffeine prior to taking the test.
  • Females, do not test during menstrual cycle, it will not be accurate. The measurement will be affected by where you are in your cycle.
  • Flying prior to testing will also throw off numbers.
  • Another aspect that could aid the accuracy is if you place your scales on a flat service in a room with stable temperature. This will aid the validity of the results when taking the test.


When you add your measurements in the software, I will be able to view your progress and if you miss a measurement I will know that also J


Coming soon, we will be able to add numbers for various fitness tests like the 5 Minute Burpee Test and we can assess progress on that front. If I see there is good usage we can do contests like Biggest Loser and Team Fat Loss Challenges. Cool stuff heh?


Lastly, can you please help me spread the word on the new program in Foster City starting 9/3? Here is the link to share with your friends: https://brienshamp.com/foster-city-boot-camp/


Remember, when you are a member, for anyone you refer that joins as a monthly member you will receive ½ off your monthly membership.


Let me know if you need anything or have any feedback that can make the program better.


Thank you!


Your friend & coach,



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