Success Story

“I have lost 3 pounds with the plan but I did not follow the plan to the T because of my daughter’s birthday this week and because I was not well prepared. Despite that I do have to say that I feel more energetic, my clothes fit better and I have slept better. Being a vegetarian it is surprising that I did not eat as many portions and different kind of vegetables before. The 5 day detox has helped me to learn that I need to eat a lot more protein than I do, eat different kinds of veggies, eat every 4 hours and drink tons of water. I did notice that my cravings for sweet items has gone down which is so wonderful. I plan to continue the 5 day detox for an additional week and then reintroduce some carbohydrates starting with lentils slowly.”Prerna


For information on the 5 Day Detox go to: 5 Day Detox Program