You Have A Big Decision To Make…

Hey there,

Big week ahead!

Why, you ask?

Well, you have a big decision to make…

  1. Continue the holiday spirit and indulge till 2017.
  2. Stay focused on a healthy lifestyle and finish 2016 strong!
  3. Start making better lifestyle choices now if you haven’t been good lately.

Every decision we make can have long lasting ramifications, but this is especially true regarding decisions around sleep, food intake, exercise, meditation and other lifestyle habits that effect our health and well-being.

You may think I am exaggerating about the importance of this week and maybe even your day to day decisions, but I have seen it over and over for the last 26 years.

A number of years ago around this time, one of my clients was absolutely kicking ass. She was in one of my 12-week challenges and after approx 9 weeks she had lost 18 pounds, reduced her joint pain, depression and blood sugar levels dropped significantly, got off her medication for blood pressure and cholesterol and felt a massive improvement in digestion and energy. She had removed added sugar, alcohol, processed grains, gluten and worked out with me 3 times per week. One Friday night with the co-workers ended her challenge short and on that night I lost a client 🙁

Yes, I never saw her again.

During her cheat night she drank and ate everything thing that wasn’t approved, which is actually allowed on most of my programs one time per week. This is called an Anything Goes Day (AGD) and can improve your metabolism, when planned and done correctly.

Unfortunately, she didn’t stop at the cheat night. She missed our morning training session as she wasn’t feeling well. I told her to hydrate, get in a walk, get back on the food part of the program and that I looked forward to seeing her on Monday for our next session. She continued to deviate and Monday she still wasn’t well enough to workout. As I said I never worked with her again, but I do know this one decision led to a downward spiral for her health and wellness.

Can you think of a decision you made that threw you off course for your health & wellness? Maybe it was skipping a Monday workout that led to a week off or even a year off training? How about late night consumption of ice cream or wine? This is a popular bad decision that leads to long term pain. Or, choosing to work well past bed time is another popular one in Silicon Valley that leads to a plethora of health issues. I’m sure you can think of more bad decisions that led you down a rabbit hole.

So, what are you going to do?

If you want to get better now, you have to FOCUS on your needs. It’s easy to lose focus on YOU this time of year but, I am going to do everything I can to KEEP YOU FOCUSED so you don’t spiral down.

I have a nutrition strategy for you to consider that I use year round, most days of the week called Intermittent Fasting which was also the topic of the week on my last Thursday coaching call with Dr. Heidi Dulay. Intermittent Fasting is an effective, easy and the most economical dietary plan out there fat loss and health. It also enables you to get control of your food rather than it controlling you.

Here are some important concepts about Intermittent Fasting or as Dr. Heidi likes to call it Digestive Resting (DR):

  1. DR is NOT a diet. It is a crucial component of a lifestyle, a unique reorganization of daily eating.
  2. Can do DR up to 6 days a week, assuming one Anything-Goes Day per week.
  3. Terminology:

“Eating Window” = when you will eat

“Resting Time” = when you will not eat

  1. Decide on your Eating Window: length and time period. Everything else will follow.
  2. A consistent rhythm is crucial. The body functions best on routines and rhythms.
  3. Commit to a start date, e.g. tomorrow!
  4. Professional proponents of DR do not specify what to eat during the Eating Window, implying that anything goes.

HOWEVER, I believe it IS important to eat health-giving food, i.e., higher fat, moderate protein, lower carb-a ketogenic-type eating plan. Otherwise, hunger will take over during the resting time, and cravings and overeating will dominate the Eating Window.

For more information and to listen to the coaching call go here >>> Intermittent Fasting (Please share with others that could use help also).

If you would like a coaching session on this nutrition strategy, reply to this email and Dr. Heidi or I will get back to you.

Dr. Heidi and I will discuss Eating for Celebrations on Thursday, December 1st @ noon. The main message is to eat whatever enhances the celebration. No guilt; instead, just notice how your body reacts to celebration food. Who knows? Maybe your food selection will change over the years. Go back to your plan after the celebration. Join in by calling (701) 801-1220 Meeting ID#:574-348-040#.

Besides the nutrition part of the health & wellness equation, a daily exercise program is very important. If you are not currently one of my coaching clients consider our 21 day Rapid Fat Loss Program here: Daily Group Personal Training Program

Dr. Heidi Dulay has been a clinical nutritionist for twenty years, specializing in weight loss, intermittent fasting and personalized nutrition. She was Adjunct Professor of Health Education at John F Kennedy University for ten years and is Nutrition Chair for the California Health Medical Reserve Corps. She earned her doctorate at Harvard University in human development, and a masters in science at Stanford. She is currently working on an iPhone app for healing herb blends and is writing Eating 911, a book that answers the question many have asked her over the years: “What should I eat?” You can email your questions here: [email protected]

Have a great week. Choose wisely!

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Your friend & coach,


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