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Happy Monday!

Ready for your second week in 2013? I have a feeling it is going to be crazy today. Lots of new people starting programs, so I expect the energy to be off the hook as the excitement for transformation is in the air.

This Saturday, January 12th is our first Foundations class of 2013. This class is FREE and for current boot camp members only. It is for those who want to focus on the foundations of the movements we perform in the weekly program. We will begin with the importance of self-massage and give you a self-massage foam roll routine. You will then perform a dynamic flexibility program, core program and a workout of the day.

We will slow things down and go over breathing, ideal posture, the 3 B’s (belly, butt, bladder engagement), core training, tempo of training, placement of loads, sandbag training, trx training, battle ropes and more. Each class will have a different workout of the day just like the weekly program; however, the class is designed to “educate” you rather than just give you another workout.

Our goal is two Foundations classes per month on-going. There will be another class on January 19th. Future dates TBD.

Sign up here–> Foundations Class

Location: Brien’s Personal Training Studio

248A Harbor Blvd
Belmont, CA 94002
Phone: (650) 654-4604
(In between Belmont Cafe and Sanders Automotive. We are all the way in the back).

New Trail Running & Hiking Group every Saturday @ 7:30 am. Come join us as we run or hike the trails of Belmont & San Carlos. There are runners and walkers so everyone is welcome. For schedule of locations go to: Trail Running & Hiking Group

I am working on lots of projects behind the scenes:

  • NEW San Mateo location for 6 am classes coming soon- Belmont is now sold out for 6 am.
  • Starting next Monday, there will be a 5:30 am class starting at my studio at 248a Harbor. I am optimizing the space to accommodate more people. Let me know if you are interested in attending.
  • Evening programs Monday – Thursday at 5:15 pm and 6:10 pm starting soon.
  • Accountability App in the works

To celebrate the New Year (and because many of you out there REALLY NEED IT), all Nutrition & Lifestyle Programs (Detox Programs & Metabolic Typing) are 15% OFF until January 31st at mid-night.

You can learn about the programs here: Nutrition & Lifestyle Programs

You can purchase the programs and take advantage of the 15% OFF Sale below:

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Metabolic Typing

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Have a great week!