Are you ready for my FREE 5 Day MY HEALTH IS MY WEALTH” Challenge Starting December 6TH, 2021?


Perhaps you feel like you have been constantly jumping from one fad diet to the next or ​getting burnt out trying so called “hacks” or maybe creating endless menus and regiments to stick to and still no sustainable results for all your efforts and your tired of missing out on life.

You just can’t seem to break out of that plateau and figure this health & fitness thing out…

The key is to “Level Up Your Life And Health By Getting The Right System into Place…Now!”

Be sure to register for the “My Health Is My Wealth” Challenge, so we can show you exactly how it’s done!!

You can RSVP for FREE here: http://www.abettertomorrowchallenge.com

Here’s what we’ll do in our time together:

  • December Sunday 5th- Day 0 lesson at 11:00 AM PST: = KICKOFF PARTY
  • December Monday 6th –Day 1 lesson at 11:00 AM PST: = Why It Is More Urgent Than Ever To Make YOU & YOUR HEALTH A Priority NOW, The need for a simple model to help us prioritize our needs, optimize mindset, improve performance, mental clarity and sustained energy. You will learn my #1 fat loss hack and 9 inflammatory foods to limit for fast and safe fat loss and overall health.
  • December Tuesday 7th- Day 2 lesson at 11:00 AM PST: = You will learn Primal Needs 1 & 2 and how to create new routines to reduce stress and achieve optimal health. Our guest speaker will then teach you how to make your nutrition program even easier for weight loss, fat loss, performance, mental clarity and energy.
  • December Wednesday 8th- Day 3 lesson at 11:00 AM PST: = You will learn Primal Needs 3 &4 and how to create new routines to perform at a higher level, recover better, balance hormones, lose belly fat, get better workouts, improve your immune system and achieve optimal health.
  • December Thursday 9th- Day 4 lesson at 11:00 AM PST: = You will learn Primal Needs 5 & 6 and how to create new routines to meet your needs for love, connection and contribution; We will assess work-life balance and explore how to get more of what we need; The Need To Grow or Die
  • December Friday 10th- Day 5 lesson at 11:00 AM PST: = You will learn Primal Need # 7 and how to create new routines, so you reduce your likelihood of pain & injuries, rehab faster, improve strength, endurance, posture, mobility, confidence, move with efficiency and age gracefully. You will learn a system to optimize your workouts, so you no longer waste time and achieve results.

This is for those who are tired of “FAD DIETS” and who want to fast track and design your optimal lifestyle this year without feeling like your burnt out trying a bunch of so-called diet “hacks” that keep you from living your optimal life. 

It’s not about the next FAD DIET…


In 5 Days or Less Learn…THE MINDSET, TOOLS, and TIPS To Significantly Lose Weight, Accelerate Fat Loss & Heal your Body!

I promise, this is unlike anything you’ve ever seen — and it’s all going down LIVE inside of a pop up Facebook group (There will be an option to join me on zoom).

We will open the group soon, so make sure you join the party here: http://www.abettertomorrowchallenge.com

See you inside the challenge!

Coach Brien 
P.S. If you have questions contact me here: https://inphone.co/brienshamp
P.S.S. Please share this 5 day event in your circles. “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” ― Jim Rohn
If you level up your friends and family it will be easier for you to level up also!