My Insane Cyber Monday Deals (3 Months FREE with Commitment To You & Me

As you know it’s Cyber Monday and I have my best deals of the year for you below!

Do you need a gift idea for a friend, co-worker or family member? You can even get it for you  🙂

HOW ABOUT A $100 GIFT CARD FOR our Be Better Today Group Training OR Mind & Body Performance Coaching Program FOR ONLY $10?

YES, You can get a $100 gift card for a friend for only $10!

This is the best stocking stuffer ever…for only $10.

Now that we are online, your friends and family can join us from around the world!


By gifting your friends and family you will also create a like-minded support network to ensure your success.

On sale now until 12/4 at mid-night PST OR until we sell 100 cards.

Requirements for redeeming the $100 Gift Cards:

*New clients only or those who have not visited in the last 3 months.

*Must be applied to fitness membership or comprehensive coaching program- not products.

*Limit 1 per person.

*Not to be combined with any other offer.

*The card can’t be exchanged for cash & no change or refund will be given.

*No expiration

You can buy up to 10 gift cards here: Gift Cards 

Here are the best deals of the day…

Be Better Today Virtual Group Training & Mind & Body Performance Coaching Program 

Given the times, we now have a comprehensive online Mind & Body Performance Coaching Program that offers personalized nutrition & lifestyle coaching, Online Livestream & On-Demand Fitness Training, and massive accountability all from the comfort of your own home.

It’s been great to work daily with clients all over the world.

We can even see your heart rate and calories burned wherever you are with our cool technology, which allows us to coach you even better. Basically, it’s like Orange Theory Online, but more personalized.

We coach our clients outside of the workouts on nutrition and lifestyle habits that make the biggest difference for weight loss and overall quality of health.

The accountability & personalized coaching is what we can really offer you that the others can’t. They may say they do give you a personal program, but do they really?

Yes, you can ride a cool Peloton bike or do free workouts on YouTube or IG, but who is going to put together a plan of action specifically for you?

Who is going to create a training schedule for you with a balance of Cardio, Strength Training, Mobility, Core and Self-Massage, so you don’t over-train and get hurt?

Who is going to hold you accountable to doing what you need to do?

And, who is going to help you make sense out of the various nutrition and supplement trends, so you don’t waste time and money on the next big thing?

I have been in the health & fitness industry for almost 32 years come January 2021 and I have worked with 100K+ people and I have learned a thing or two.

Many of my colleagues in the fitness space have closed up shop and have found jobs in another field. There are now even more unqualified trainers giving fitness and nutrition advice and they have limited experience and education.

I am still here, battling through yet another storm ?

I no longer have a brick & mortar, but I still offer a comprehensive coaching program and now I have a virtual fitness program, so I can coach clients across the globe. So exciting!

For Cyber Monday 2021, I am going to do something I’ve only done 1 other time…

Just for you, to help you save money and to incentivize you to live your healthiest and happiest life.

For the next 48 hours when you commit to investing in your health & fitness program for the next 12 months I’m going to give you 3 MONTHS FREE.

This can save you at least $507 !!! ($507 for our Be Better Today Virtual Group Training or $1027 for our Mind & Body Performance Coaching Program)

That’s a massive savings and it’s just my way of thanking you for choosing us and helping you save money as you get fit…not just now, but for over a year more.

Yes, you’ll get 3 months for free….

  • Access to all live virtual workout sessions, on-demand sessions (in case you miss a live workout)
  • Our Orange Theory-Like Online software I mentioned above (OT heart rate monitors typically work with our system)
  • FREE 3D Body Scans if you live in the Bay Area
  • 100% FREE entry to all challenges
  • Support from our coaching staff and if you do the comprehensive coaching program you will receive one-on-one coaching calls 2x per month for 15 months to ensure your success for the long run!
  • If you do the coaching program I guarantee you will hit your weight loss goals (of course they need to be reasonable, agreed upon prior and you must check in with me weekly at minimum) or I will train you an additional 3 months for FREE.

No catch, BS.

So you get to create the “body & health of your dreams” with a supportive team and fitness family behind you every step of the way.

It’s just another way I want to show you my gratitude and I will give you all the details when you contact me.

Here’s all you need to do to get this special Cyber Monday special…

Just text or call me at 650-514-6679 and  I’ll get you hooked up on this one-time-only fitness & health offer and I will go over ALL the details!

This is an INSANE 2021 DEAL. 

This is a great deal for my current clients, past clients if you want to jump back into our virtual program and for those who have never experienced a complete transformation program!

Here’s to an OUTSTANDING 2022!

Coach Brien

650-514-6679 (call or text)

I am eternally grateful for you in my life but I can’t take everyone at this massively discounted rate- so pm, email, call or text me back ASAP!!!

OFFER EXPIRES 11/30 at midnight PST or until all spots are taken. 650-514-6679 ???text me ASAP 

Coach Brien Shamp