How was your Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and soon… Cyber Monday?

I am sure you were bombarded with many deals the last week or so, and like always I have some for you also.

Pre-Covid when I had our boot camp program, I planned big Black Friday promotions because my goal was to attract a lot of new and returning clients.

Now, since my focus is more personalized nutrition & lifestyle coaching I am being a bit more selective. My time is limited and I only want to work with those that are truly open to changing their lifestyle.

  • Are you looking for another quick fix or a lifestyle change?
  • Do you have a health, fitness and performance goal that you have been struggling to reach on your own?
  • Do you want to wait till the new year begins to focus on your needs or are you ready now?

If you are ready for change NOW, you can still finish 2022 feeling and looking better than you do right now! I even guarantee it!

You can go into 2023 with momentum from an outstanding December, instead of another month of inflammation, digestive issues, hormone imbalances, bad sleep, low energy & motivation and weight gain.

I can help you put a stop to the bad habits that are not serving you and you can lock in “better” lifestyle rituals in December. If you have it to lose, you can probably even lose a good 10 lbs. or a dress size during the holidays!

You don’t have to starve yourself or workout too much; however, I would love for you to get at minimum 30 minutes of movement each day.

If you can’t move very well like I couldn’t when I recovered from my knee surgeries you can still lose weight and body fat if you dial in your conscious breathing, hydration, sleep and food intake.

Most people just need better strategies and support.

If you are open to finding easier and faster ways to feel and look better, keep reading…

I have 7 openings for my 12 Week, Personalized “I AM A PRIORITY” 7 DAILY PRIMAL NEEDS COACHING PROGRAM (our signature nutrition & lifestyle coaching program that GUARANTEES your weight loss and fat loss). 

This can be done anywhere in the world given it has nothing to do with our local fitness workouts.​

Our coaching involves 3 Main Areas:

  1. Accountability Coaching (DAILY) *Most important
  2. Personalized Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching (We will create a personalized plan to optimize your digestion and balance your blood sugar levels).
  3. Fitness: In Person, Livestream & On Demand *This is a bonus given many we work with already have an exercise program. We do feel we can assist you in this area and make it even better!

I am not going to go into all the details of the program here because I have found that people get caught up in the details and believe that this is similar to this or that. With too much information, it is also common for people to get overwhelmed and paralyzed. We often talk ourselves out of doing something positive to enhance our quality of life because it may seem to hard when we are not feeling good about ourselves and life.

It often seems better to just settle for the same and wait for the right time, but action is the only way to change.

Here is the most important things you need to consider….

  • You will not be alone on your health/wellness journey!
  • My team and I will support you Daily with our unique Accountability Coaching Process!
  • You will improve your education and awareness in the following areas: breathing, hydration, sleep, digestion, blood sugar balance, supplementation, lab testing, mindset, exercise, how to be a better cheater and more.
  • We will optimize your lifestyle and reduce stress.
  • You will create daily rituals and you will feel more in control of your health & life.
  • You can feel confident in the program and the process because of our RESULTS GUARANTEE!

Based upon your goals, health history, fitness, past programs, etc. we will come up with a goal for weight loss or fat loss that is safe and realistic. If you don’t hit your goal We Will Work With You For FREE Up To 3 More Months until you do!

95% of our clients achieve their goals in less than 12 weeks.

I don’t have a link for you to sign up now. I don’t want you to commit to based upon the above. I want to have a discovery call with you ASAP, so we can both determine the right program for you at this time.

Contact us ASAP to set up a Discovery Session for our personalized coaching program here: RESULTS GUARANTEED  <<<

If you are a good fit for the 12-week personalized coaching program you will receive $150 OFF for the Cyber Monday Sale (until Wednesday @ midnight).

Additional options we may discuss on the call:

  • 6 Month Coaching Program ($200 OFF)
  • 12 Week “Group” Coaching Program ($100 OFF)
  • 21 Day Trial Coaching Program ($100 OFF)
  • 21 Day “Group” Holiday Challenge Starting December 5th (Currently Discounted)
  • Fitness Only Programs: In person & Online (FREE MONTH with 6 Months Pre-Pay).

Together we will find the best strategies for you at this time. Contact us ASAP to set up a FREE Discovery Session for our personalized coaching program here: RESULTS GUARANTEED  <<<

 If you are not a member yet, this is the time to take advantage of our Cyber Monday Sale and to change your life.

This Sale will last until Wednesday, November 30th at mid-night PST.


Thank you for trusting me with your health & fitness goals and giving me the opportunity to help you get the body and life that you deserve!

Enjoy the rest of your Thanksgiving weekend!

Sincerely, Coach Brien

P.S. Please share these special offers with friends who could benefit from my services and products.

Set up a Discovery Session for our coaching programs here:  RESULTS GUARANTEED  <<<

Questions? Please comment below or call/text us at 650-514-6679.