Did you want the recording of the masterclass?

Happy Saturday?

Did  you miss the Masterclass “How To Be A Better You In 2022 Without Dieting, Eating Every 2-3 Hours 5-6x Per Day and Wasting Time In The Gym?”

Even if you made it or had to leave early I have the recording, so you can listen to it again and check out the slides at your pace.

Just reply back if you want the recording and slides.

I taught the following:

  • 3 myths many still believe, that may be causing your Weight Gain, Muscle & Joint Pain, Low Energy, Overwhelm, Stress and Poor Health.
  • My #1 Nutrition Strategy (to incorporate regardless of the nutrition plan you follow)
  • 10 foods that cause inflammation and create pain: weight gain, belly fat, joint & muscle pain, reduced focus, sleep issues, digestive complaints, skin problems, learning disabilities, and more.
  • Strategies to give you more time in your day and to save you money
  • Plus much, much more 

I hope that you get a chance to review this information and implement it ASAP, so you can give me credit in you 2022 transformation 🙂

Let me know if you want to make life easier by replying back to this email.

Coach Brien

P.S. Questions? Please reply back via email or text me at 650-514-6679
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