Fit Body Boot Camp San Mateo Fitness 1/20/16: Challenge Day 11 & 15- Spartan Challenge

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4 Phase Warm-Up:

Phase 1: Supine Double Knee to Chest Breathing

Perform 1-2 minutes of diaphragmatic breathing while in supine double knee to chest position.  Initiate breathing with belly (feel it press into thighs)–>rib cage and then chest, instead of initiating with chest. This is an easy way to teach people diaphragmatic breathing. Breathe in and out of nose for approximately 10s each breath (5s inhale (belly rises)–> 5 s hold–> 5 s exhale). As they continue to breathe and relax they should feel their knees going closer to the chest. Do daily work on breathing before eating, if stressed, depressed, in the car etc. given it is our number one need. We can change our physiological state in seconds via breathing. If we master breathing, we can enjoy life at its fullest. Inverted or chest breathing sympathetic dominance (flight/fight response) > digestive complaints, neck issues, tmj, grinding of teeth, anxiety, scarcity, belly fat and more.

Phase 2:  Foundation Mobility Training (5 Min) Incorporate movements similar or the same as the workouts below Explain the need to be in good posture for optimal breathing efficiency, strength, endurance, balance, etc.  and to reduce potential injuries. With each movement incorporate breathing and make the movements flow.  If there are tight areas focus on those areas and continue to breathe.

*Set Gym Boss or Interval App to: 30s work time, 5s rest, 8 total sets for Phase 2

Phase 3: Core (Perform the following movements for 30s in a circuit with a 5s transition for 2 Sets  

*3B’s= Draw in belly towards spine, engage bladder muscles and tuck butt

*2B’s= Draw in belly towards spine & engage bladder muscles

  1. Lower Ab Straight Leg Pelvic Lift *Lift pelvis straight up (not back) *Legs straight is easier *Hands under tailbone-use hands as needed  *3B’s *Relax neck *Toes to nose *Those who are stronger can go higher and down slower
  2. Prone Flutter Kicks *On stomach *Lift things as high as possible *Legs straight *Toes down *2B’s
  3. Rocking Bridge (Hold 5s) *3B’s *Squeeze shoulder blades *Turn hands to modify or do basic bridge
  4. Oblique Crunches with Hip/Knee Flexion *Basic Crunch with Rotation *Flex Knees & Hips 90 Degrees *Fingers to eyebrows – Bring elbow to opp. knee *Keep Chin Tucked *Look at Abdomen *3B’s

Phase 4: Review WOD below and do movements for approximately 20s each. Also review wod during 3rd round of Phase 3. After Phase 4 boot campers immediately transition to WOD. They can get water at any time on their own.

This is a non-stop workout; however, as usual participants can go at their own speed. Everyone will start either walking/jogging or sprinting for 30s and then complete a strength exercise for 30s on your call and then back to the walk/jog/sprint. Coaches can do this workout with campers but still focus on mechanics of campers.  At the studio, have the campers jog across the room (length wise) or jog in place if too many people.

Within the 35 min get in as many rounds as possible. Set timer to 30s work/0 rest for 35 min.

1)      Walk/Jog/Sprint: 30s

2)      Staggered Push- Ups: 30s  *Move hands in staggered positions-one forward and one back in diagonal- hands under shoulders *Elbows In *Shoulders back & down *3B’s *Corkscrew elbows

3)      Walk/Jog/Sprint: 30s

4)      Prisoner Walking Lunges: 30s *Big step- avoid knees going past ankles *Step-drop-up *Squeeze shoulder blades *3B’s *Keep tuck *Stationary Forward Lunges for those who need foundation

5)      Walk/Jog/Sprint: 30s

6)      Bear Crawl: 30s *2B’s *Butt in air *Relax shoulders *Plank as needed with crawl

7)      Plank Up-Downs: 30s leading with each side *Elbows In *Shoulders back & down *3B’s *Modify with TRX/Equalizer Triceps Ext

8)      Walk/Jog/Sprint: 30s

9)      Monster Walk:30s *Stay low in squat *Keep pelvis stable *Shoulders back & down *2B’s *Hinge from hip

10)  Walk/Jog/Sprint: 30s

11)  Burpees: 30s  *Shoulders back & down *3B’s

12)  Walk/Jog/Sprint: 30s

13)  One Leg Squats: 30s Each Side *Get Low *Hinge From Hip *2B’s *Shoulders back & down

14)  Pull-Up/TRX Row/Rope Climb/Cargo Net/DB Bent Over Row: 30s *Shoulders back & down *3 B’s *May need to split up groups here

15)  Walk/Jog/Sprint: 30s

16)  Squat Jacks: 30s *Start with feet together and hands towards feet in squat positionà perform jumping jackà repeat  *2B’s

Circle Time-Cool Down Stretches: 5 min

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