For The Father's Out There (3 Fat Loss & Work Efficiency Tips)

I want to wish all the Father’s out there a Happy Father’s Day!

Many of my programs are targeted to the women because honestly, as we all know the men are not the best at asking for help.

My business is very similar to what all trainers and even most holistic practitioners experience. Our businesses are at least 75% women.

I have three important fat loss and work efficiency tips for the men out there:

  • Do your best to accumulate at least 30 minutes of movement per day. Many men that I speak with say they do not have time for exercise. That is one of the best excuses in the book. Of course, you have time. We all have the same 24 hours in the day, but it depends what we do with that time. If there is “no time” in the day for movement, it is not a value for you at this moment in time. My recommendation is to make it a value before it is too late. You don’t want to be a one of the statistics out there do you? Get it done as soon as you wake up so there are no excuses. By incorporating movement in your day you will improve efficiency, so you will actually get more work done. You will also look and feel better.
  • Eat out less and prepare to eat in more often. From my observation of the bay area restaurants, it seems as if the restaurant business is booming. Does anyone cook anymore? Do your best to limit going out to eat and your waistline will generally reduce. If you do go out to dinner, save half of the meal for lunch tomorrow. You will often receive at least 2 servings of food. Oh yeah, cutting down on the grains and alcohol will also help improve your health and efficiency.
  • Shock your body. Change up your routine and reap the benefits. Many times when I ask men what they are doing for exercise, they say the exact same thing. It is often times the same thing I did in the 80-90’s. Guys, we have come a long way with fitness. I understand chest & biceps are the “Show Muscles” and there is some need to impress others, but we got to work the “GO Muscles.” The “Go Muscles” are the muscles of the backside- butt, hamstrings and the muscles around the shoulder blades that are needed for symmetry and posture. We need to pull more and push less given many of the men in this area are working on a computer for a good 10 hours per day. The symptoms of 10+ hours a day of sitting are a forward head, rounded shoulders and stress due to mal-alignment, breathing insufficiency and work-life imbalance. Push-ups, bench press and boxing classes are not the best form of exercise for those postural deviants 🙂

Guys, I am here if you need me.

I know my programs may not seem like they can help you, especially, when I throw programs out there called the “21 Day Bikini Body Program.”

Don’t be thrown off by the name of the program. If I say “Bikini”, maybe you can think “G String” or whatever you wear at the pool.

The women who do join this program should lose about 10 pounds in the next 21 days given the specific workouts and nutrition protocols we do to target fat loss.

The men who join the program should lose around 20 pounds, given it is generally easier and faster for men once they commit.

If you are up for starting tomorrow, you can click on the location below to register:

Belmont Boot Camp *6 am Sold Out

Burlingame Boot Camp

Menlo Park

Redwood City

If you want more information on the program and missed the prior emails about the “21 Day Bikini Body Program” starting tomorrow check it out here: Men Can Do This Also

Have a great rest of this special day!

Your friend & coach,


P.S. Women, you can still register using the links above also.

P.S.S. If needed, text or call me on my cell: 650-654-4604 given the program starts tomorrow