I know there has been a lot going on with Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday, but I wanted to remind you about my big event next week.

If want the fast track for how to design your optimal lifestyle to finish this year and start 2022, I got you covered!

This free series will teach you to: get off the unhealthy diet roller coaster and live your better life now, LIVE a SUSTAINABLE, HEALTH-DRIVEN LIFESTYLE & REACH YOUR IDEAL WEIGHT…

…by simply showing up and being yourself and How To Level Up Your Life And Health By Getting The Right System into Place…Now!

Sound good? Register here! http://www.abettertomorrowchallenge.com

We can’t wait to get started on December 5th 2021! 

Here’s Everything That Is Going To Be Covered…

·         7 Daily Primal Needs Self-Care System: You will learn a simple system designed to help you remember to make yourself a priority. 

You will improve your life-balance for work, relationships and your self-care. You will become aware of the areas you need most and you will reduce stress and attain a higher level of performance, clarity, sustained energy and more….

Bonus: Plan on losing up to 5 lbs. (if you need to), body fat (especially that stubborn belly fat), improving your digestion, reducing anxiety & overwhelm and sleeping better.

·         MOTIVATION: We will uncover how you can stay motivated with your health goals by quieting your mind, getting clear on what you want, why you want it and creating daily action steps

·         Inflammatory Foods To Limit: We will reveal 9 foods that lead to gut inflammation & immune system dysfunction.  You will learn a simple model to reset your metabolism, improve your digestion and immune system and balance your hormones.

·         What is Intermittent Fasting? Why this eating plan has grown in popularity and why you should consider it to simplify your life.

·         The Need For Conscious Breathing: We will do a quick assessment of your breathing and explore breathing techniques to create calm.

·         THE POWER OF HYDRATION: So it’s no surprise that even slight dehydration changes the way that we think. Drinking enough water each day is crucial for many reasons and we will discussing why. 

·         Sleep Quantity and Quality:  Sleep is the primary way we regulate physical and psychological stress. Poor sleep compounds all problems! 

·         The Power Of Ketosis: Fasting can help a person achieve a state of ketosis. We will explore ways to help make fasting easier.

·         Why we need get our daily movement in?: Spoiler…It’s not to lose weight!!! We will explore why we need to move, regardless of the type of movement, what exercises are best, why cardio can prevent fat loss and increase your likelihood of injury. You will learn efficient ways to get your workouts in and how to modify for injuries, and various levels. Bonus: You will be able to experience our award-winning virtual fitness program livestream or on-demand.

·         MINDSET SHIFT: Your mindset if the foundation for lifestyle habits. We will explore the negative noise to the mind and habits to create a mindset shift for an abundance and health. 

·         ACTION AND CONSISTENCY: Wishing will not bring you the life or health you want! Desire is the starting point for all achievement. 

To make your health goals a lifestyle there must be consistent action. 

The 7 Daily Primal Needs Self-Care System will help you stay focused on you, so you optimize your health and life!

Here’s what our clients in the I Am A Priority – 7 Daily Primal Needs Self Care System are achieving:

·         Work-Life Balance

·         Prioritizing Their Self Care again

·         Improved performance, mental clarity and sustained energy

·         Weight and Fat Loss (especially stubborn belly fat)

·         Support from our coaching staff they didn’t have at home

·         Felling confident and sexy

·         Up To Date Education, but more important greater awareness

·         No more starvation, low calorie diets that never last

·         Daily movement

·         Balanced Emotions

·         Quality Time with Family and Friends

·         Gratitude & Abundant Mindset vs Fear 

·         Improved Sleep Quantity and Quality

·         Progress and therefore Motivation

·         Less joint and muscle pain

·         Fit & Healthy

·         Calm

“Brien is excellent about helping me stay focused and reminding me that for me to excel I have to consider myself in the equation. 

So, if you are the point where you need some focus, and you need somebody to hold you accountable and care about Your needs, Brien is your answer.” 

Chryssa Sanders
We’ll also be having some amazing gifts that we will be giving away during the event! 

So get in on the action: Register for the December 5th 2021 Challenge here: http://www.abettertomorrowchallenge.com

Cheering for you to finish 2021 Better!                        

Coach Brien 
Mind & Body Performance Coach