FREE nutrition, supplementation & lifestyle consultation for 10 more…

A couple of weeks ago I made an offer to help you dial in your supplementation program at no cost. It has been great to work with so many people on this problem.

Why is it a problem you ask?

Because many are taking things that have no benefit and sometimes can even be creating pain. Other times, a product may be good, but not be taken enough, like VItamin D or magnesium.

Than there are other times when things are taken too much like VItamin D or magnesium 🙂

So confusing, right? Even I get confused, but I also have many I consult with that are much smarter than I.

Would you like to heal yourself faster, perform at a higher level, gain more clarity about what you are currently taking or could take?

I would like to offer a FREE nutrition, supplementation & lifestyle consultation for 10 more respondents to this email.

I’m doing this because people have been misinformed about healing, especially supplements.

The myths out about alternative healing therapies including supplements can be misleading and scary, which is why I believe in being educated by an experienced professional as opposed to getting therapies and supplements you don’t need.

If you would like to know more about what you could be missing with your healing, performance, recovery, and results, and how supplements and other nutrition & lifestyle routines could help you, then lets connect.

​Finally, you don’t have to be a current client to get a meeting with me on this intel. So, go ahead, I will not bite you, email back today letting me know you want a

FREE consultation.

​Dedicated to your optimal health and fitness!!!

Coach Brien

P.S. ​BTW: I’m not going to hard sell you on anything.

Never have. Never will.