Need a Last Minute Gift?

Do you need a last minute gift? How about a health & fitness transformation in 2022 for a Christmas Gift?

This is not normally a time when people think about health & fitness, but Tis The Season.

Tis The Season of variants, Flu’s, Cold’s and don’t forget the bigger issues….Cancer and Heart Disease that have been ignored, but not forgotten the last 2 years 🙁

I don’t want to be a downer, but isn’t it time we focus more on our health and create better work-life balance to reduce stress? 

Tis the season to take responsibility of our health!

I would love to be your partner to create a BETTER YOU in 2022!

Check out some options below:

-Gift certificate for our Virtual Fitness Program:

– Livestream & On-Demand Total Body Workouts, Core-Cardio Workouts, Yoga Workouts, Challenges to Keep you motivated

-1:1 Mind & Body Coaching Program: https://www.iamapriority.com/

My team and I will help simplify the struggle and personalize what is needed at this time. Common coaching includes:

1. Strategies to create work-life balance
2. Routines to make a healthy lifestyle more consistent
3. A focus on one’s 7 Daily Primal Needs.  (breathing, hydration, sleep, nutrition, relationships, growth mindset and movement (exercise including massage, mobility, stretching, posture awareness, etc.).
4. Personalized Nutrition Strategies
5. Daily Accountability Check-Ins
6. Personalized Fitness Recommendations/Corrective Exercise Training For Injuries, Postural Imbalances, Prevention & Performance
7. Seep Strategies
8. Supplementation As Needed
9. Hydration Strategies
10. Meditation/Conscious Breathing Techniques
11. Relationship Coaching
12. Essential Oil Recommendations
13. Posture and Mobility Training
14. Food Reactivity Testing 
15. Blood Glucose Monitoring
16. And more…..

-New 2022 – “I Am A Priority”- 7 Daily Primal Needs 12 Week Group Coaching Program – We will cover similar topics as the Personal Program, but it will be in a group. I am taking on a small group of clients for this new comprehensive coaching program starting January 4th! Price is massively discounted given it’s a NEW Program.

I am sure you will have questions. Please reply back here via email or text me at 650-514-6679

Coach Brien 
P.S. You can learn more about our programs and contact me here: https://inphone.co/brienshamp