Our YOUR HEALTH IS YOUR WEALTH Challenge questions answered (STARTS TOMORROW)

Our first free training is going live tomorrow @ 11 am PST, but we have our kickoff celebration party in less than 90 minutes! http://www.abettertomorrowchallenge.com <<< Register here to join the event

And I figured I might just answer any of those final questions you may have… Because I don’t want you sitting on that fence when the first training starts!

What if I’m not able to complete the action steps during the challenge?

It would be better if you could accomplish each daily action each day, because they all build on each other; however, its completely fine if you can’t! You’ll still be able to carry on through the challenge if you miss a day (however Thursday is HUGE, so I wouldn’t be missing that one!)

Can I watch the live videos later if I miss them?

Yes! Every video and piece of material will stay in the Pop-Up Facebook group throughout the challenge so you can access them even if you miss when we go live.

How can I win the awesome contest prize?

It’s all about participation! There are several actions you can take to accumulate points. You can learn more about our contest once you register http://www.abettertomorrowchallenge.com

How will I know when the videos go live?

Don’t worry we won’t let you miss a thing! You’ll receive an email when the challenge is dropped and another an hour before the lives start so you won’t forget.

What time does the event start each day?

The live trainings will take place each day at 11:00 am PST.

How do I know if I’m a right fit for the challenge?

You are a perfect fit if you are: dreaming of Living a sustainable, health-driven lifestyle & desire to reach your ideal weight with a balanced approach!

So, are you ready? 😉

Join the A Better Tomorrow Challenge – My Health Is My Wealth Lifestyle here:  http://www.abettertomorrowchallenge.com

I look forward to spending some quality time with you!

I promise it’s going to be a blast…

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Talk soon,

Coach Brien 
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P.S.S. Please share this 5 day event in your circles. “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” ― Jim Rohn
If you level up your friends and family it will be easier for you to level up also!