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Time and time again, people tell us that they are tired of the UNHEALTHY DIET ROLLER COASTER and want to live a better life, but they’ve never been able to achieve their dreams of Living a SUSTAINABLE, HEALTH-DRIVEN LIFESTYLE & REACH THIER IDEAL WEIGHT.

Others have told us that they are still fairly new in this process and that learning the right system that we have laid out has been missing pieces from the puzzle. 

They all felt like they were building a large puzzle from the middle out and not from the corners and then adding all sides to fill in the middle.

 A Better Tomorrow Challenge – My Health Is My Wealth Lifestyle is the solution.

Kicking off on Sunday December 5th and each day at 11:00 am PST.

December, Sunday 5th – Day 0 lesson: CELEBRATION PARTY (Celebrating you taking action and your future accomplishments)

December, Monday 6th Day 1 lesson:  Why It Is More Urgent Than Ever To Make YOU & YOUR HEALTH A Priority NOW, The need for a simple model to help us prioritize our needs, optimize mindset, improve performance, mental clarity and sustained energy. You will learn my #1 fat loss hack and 10 inflammatory foods to limit for fast and safe fat loss and overall health.

December, Tuesday 7th Day 2 lesson: You will learn Primal Needs 1 & 2 and how to create new rituals to reduce stress and achieve optimal health.

December, Wednesday 8th Day 3 lesson:  You will learn Primal Needs 3 & 4 and how to create new rituals to perform at a higher level, recover better, balance hormones, lose belly fat, get better workouts, improve your immune system and achieve optimal health.

December, Thursday 9th Day 4 lesson:  You will learn Primal Needs 5 & and how to create new rituals to meet your needs for love, connection and contribution; We will assess work-life balance and explore how to get more of what we need; The Need To Grow or Die 

December, Friday 10th Day 5 lesson: You will learn Primal Need # 7 and how to create new rituals, so you reduce your likelihood of pain & injuries, rehab faster, improve strength, endurance, posture, mobility, confidence, move with efficiency and age gracefully. You will learn a system to optimize your workouts, so you no longer waste time and achieve results.

Click here to get registered:  http://www.abettertomorrowchallenge.com

Here’s what our clients in the I Am A Priority – 7 Daily Primal Needs Self Care System are achieving:

·         Work-Life Balance

·         Prioritizing Their Self Care again

·         Improved performance, mental clarity, and sustained energy

·         Weight and Fat Loss (especially stubborn belly fat)

·         Support from our coaching staff they didn’t have at home

·         Confident and sexy

·         Up To Date Education, but more important greater awareness

·         No more starvation, low calorie diets that never last

·         Daily movement

·         Balanced Emotions

·         Quality Time with Family and Friends

·         Gratitude & Abundant Mindset vs Fear 

·         Improved Sleep Quantity and Quality

·         Progress and therefore Motivation

·         Less joint and muscle pain

·         Fit & Healthy

·         Calm

“My name is Miriam Lima, and I am a psychotherapist in the Bay Area. I have been working out with Brien Shamp for almost a decade and he has been helping me to say fit and healthy for all these years. Brien is charismatic and enthusiastic coach. With a holistic approach, he can help you achieve a healthier version of yourself by using personalized programs to fit your needs.” Miriam Lima


“I met Brien in 2018 – He helped me reframe my thinking about myself, both physically and emotionally. I am 50 and the best shape of my life Brien has helped me identify how to live a healthy style. He has programs that have helped me how to eat healthier, while still enjoying life. His program is more than that – he has created wonderful community of people from all ages and backgrounds. Many (including Brien) are now friends.” Cathy Wright

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P.S.S. Please share this 5 day event in your circles. “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” ― Jim Rohn
If you level up your friends and family it will be easier for you to level up also!