This is it – final 24 hours

Ya know, I say, SO WHAT if you haven’t yet achieved your 2013 fitness goals.

And SO WHAT if you’re not EVEN on track at all…

Because NOW is the time for you to TAKE CHARGE and turn things around by LOSING 5 LBS and some belly fat over the NEXT FIVE DAYS.

And YOU CAN do this with my “5 Day Fat Buster” program.

Check out Jen & Dave on their wedding day. They consulted with me prior to their wedding to look their best for this very photo and both were awesome success stories.

I also added a photo of my bride and I. Chris and I both prepared for our special day with a similar program.

If you missed my last two emails here is a recap: 5 Day Fat Buster Program

The 5 Day Fat Buster starts next Monday the 18th in Burlingame, Menlo Park, Belmont & San Mateo.

Monthly Members Sign-Up Here (My goal for my monthly members is to turn it up a notch. You are already committed to the program, but I know you can work harder. Commit to yourself next week by following my 5 Day Detox and five workouts in 5 days. Are you in?)

*If you are a Groupon/Living Social/Amazon Local customer you are not a member yet.

Non-Members, please sign up below:

Belmont, Burlingame and San Mateo Locations: Sign Up Here

Menlo Park: Sign Up Here

HURRY, the sale and offer ends in 24 hours.


P.S. Let’s recap what you’ll get and why THIS is your chance to drop 5 pounds in 5 days and turn things around.

– You get my famous “5 Day Fat Buster” easy detox meal plan.

– You get 5, consecutive, high intensity, “Fat Buster” boot camp workouts held in 6 locations on the peninsula.

– You get an additional 2 weeks for FREE if you sign up as a monthly member.

– You get this $157 program at a discounted rate of just 49 bucks.

– You get to be part of a fun community of like-minded folks who also want to look and feel their best.

But you have to sign up above within the next 24 hours to avoid missing out. There are just a handful of spots left.

Like I said, now’s your chance to take charge and see results in just DAYS not WEEKS.

Just sign up above and I’ll take care of the rest.