Join our 14 Day Detox Group on Tuesday after the Superbowl and Valentine’s Day

Big weekend coming up and then…there’s Valentine’s Day!

There’s always a reason to “NOT” eat healthy right?

I get it. It’s great to deviate from healthy eating once in a while, but we just can’t do it too often as we get older.
Have you noticed that also?

If you want to deviate now and then you need to have some good strategies to get back on the wagon before things get out of control for too long.

I love the idea of a detox or reset a couple times a year as needed, and I have an opportunity to do just that after Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day.

This Tuesday I will be leading a 14 Day Detox Program and it’s offered at a discounted rate with free coaching added in.

For more go here: 14 Day Detox Program 

Detox Programs are, for many, a simple solution to changing their lifestyle habits for the better. Healthy detoxification may help you to:

?Support concentration

?Promote healthy digestion

?Improve bad breath

?Support healthy energy levels

?Promote motivation and creativity

?Promote healthy joint function

?Support healthy skin and eyes

?Support proper weight management

For more info and to join us: 14 Day Detox Program 

Given the program starts Tuesday, let me know if you want in ASAP. You can start without the products!

Use Coupon Code FIT10 for 10% off?

Questions? Reply back or text me at 650-514-6679.

Talk soon!

Coach Brien