Drink Better Wine 🍷🍷🍷

I hope you are having an amazing weekend! I have some REALLY exciting information to share with you…

As you know my passion is health & wellness and my hope for you is the same.

So how does that pertain to wine you ask???

Ok, let me answer that for you because that’s a GREAT question!


I also like a good glass of wine; however; I could take it or leave it.

Over the years I have pushed my coaching clients who desire weight loss and hormonal balance away from wine and they have had amazing results, but I know my clients have felt like life was less joyful 🙁

In my quest for living a healthier life, I have been on a mission to get more chemicals OUT of my life and OUT of home.

Who would have thought wine could be CLEAN CRAFTED?

The majority of all wines we purchase from just about anywhere has up to 300 chemical additives AND up to 16 grams of added sugar! I don’t know about you, but that was a startling fact for me to see!

Below are some of the following facts on CLEAN CRAFTED WINE:

·  Grown with NO synthetic pesticides

·  ZERO grams of added sugar (approx 40% less calories)

·  ZERO added chemicals

·  Always low sulfites

It’s easy… 

Click this link to get more info: https://brienshamp.com/scoutcellar/

You pick your wine of choice and it gets shipped directly to your door!

No commitment, no membership necessary! 

Lastly, you may wonder why did I sign up to be a consultant?

It was just a no brainer for me. 

The cost was $249 and you can start earning commissions immediately. I knew my wife and I were going to be a regular consumers of the wine, so I might as well get a check for our own personal consumption. 😉

AND…I knew I had friends and family that also love wine, so here I am spreading the LOVE. 

Because I not only desire better, cleaner &  healthier choices for me, I desire them for you too!


ALSO – would be totally up for doing wine tastings with anyone interested too! They are SO fun!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. 🙂

Here is the site again fore more info: https://brienshamp.com/scoutcellar/

Love & Joy to all…

Coach Brien