FREE Masterclass Sunday “How To Be A Better You In 2022 Without Dieting, Eating Every 2-3 Hours 5-6x Per Day and Wasting Time In The Gym

It’s almost that time!


I love the ending of one year and the beginning of a new year…How about you?

So many possibilities with a new year!

This is my last work related email before I shut it down for the night & year.

Tonight I am going to have a chill finish of 2021 with the family. Besides a celebratory dinner, we are going to reflect on our 2021 victories and all that we are grateful for. We are then going to make vision boards for our 2022 goals (you can get your board at the $1 store), so we can celebrate our wins again this time next year!!!

Have you reflected on your 2021 victories yet?  We often get caught up on all that is wrong, instead all that is right…right?

Consider pausing now and reflect…

What are some of your wins?
Next, what are some of your challenges?

Are you having any health & fitness challenges? 
Are you at the weight you want to be?
How’s your body fat/belly fat?
Digestive system complaints?
Muscle/joint issues?

Do these challenges continue to be present for you year after year?

I have found that many people continue to have health & fitness challenges because they are operating with old software.

Outdated beliefs prevent progress year after year and actually cause PAIN.

Here are 3 myths many still believe that may be causing your Weight Gain, Muscle & Joint Pain, Low Energy, Overwhelm, Stress and Poor Health:

1. “I Need To Cut My Calories and Get Back To Weighing My Food and Counting Calories”

2. “I Need To Eat Every 2-3 Hours 5-6 x Per Day And Most Important…Eat a “Healthy” Breakfast.”

3. “I Need To Workout More, Do More Cardio, Join A Gym, Get a Peloton, etc.”

I used to believe the above myths also, but I have found better & easier ways to get healthy & fit, which have also saved me time and money!

I have now been in the health & fitness space for 32 years and I have done a lot of things right and a lot of things wrong, based upon what was popular at a given time.

In The Past 15 Years I’ve, been able to optimize & maintain my weight, body fat & health (And I Didn’t Count My Calories, Eat Breakfast/Multiple Meals or Workout Excessively).

Do You Want The Easy & Better Way That’s Actually Sustainable?

I would love to help you speed up your journey to be your best in 2022 and beyond, so I am doing a FREE Masterclass “How To Be A Better You In 2022 Without Dieting, Eating Every 2-3 Hours 5-6x Per Day and Wasting Time In The Gym.”
The Masterclass will be on ZOOM on Sunday, January 2, 2022 @ 4 pm PST

Register Here: https://iamapriority.com/reg-page

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Let’s make it an amazing 2022!

Coach Brien 
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