Hey, do you eat almonds? We will talk about this inflammatory food and more today @ 5 pm PST

I tend to talk a lot about digestion and inflammation for weight loss, fat loss, bowel improvement, energy, skin issues, immune support, toxicity and more.  One food that I would bet you think is “healthy” is one that is on my top 10 food list to AVOID.

What food is it you ask?


From my experience over the last 32 years, almonds should not be classified as a health food. They should be avoided because they show up approximately 7/10x when reviewing a food sensitivity or reactivity blood test. I can share more, but to keep it simple 
when almonds are removed in all forms (except almond milk) digestion and weight loss tends to improve.

In today’s Masterclass “How To Be A Better You In 2022 Without Dieting, Eating Every 2-3 Hours 5-6x Per Day and Wasting Time In The Gym” I will give you the other 9 foods to limit that will be a game changer for your digestion, immune system, weight loss and overall health.

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Date & Time: Thursday, January 6th @ 5 pm PST

During this powerful 45 minute online event, I’ll be teaching you:

  • 3 myths many still believe, that may be causing your Weight Gain, Muscle & Joint Pain, Low Energy, Overwhelm, Stress and Poor Health.
  • My #1 Nutrition Strategy (to incorporate regardless of the nutrition plan you follow)
  • 10 foods that cause inflammation and create pain: weight gain, belly fat, joint & muscle pain, reduced focus, sleep issues, digestive complaints, skin problems, learning disabilities, and more.
  • Strategies to give you more time in your day and to save you money.
  • Plus much, much more – in just 45 minutes you’ll get a crash course in Successful Transformations

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I can’t wait to see you on the Masterclass!

Coach Brien

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