Suffering from a flabby “Halloween” Belly??? (your solution enclosed)

What a day!  I had more than a few clients email me to say they “blew it” last night, maybe you too? (not to worry, I have your solution <<<)

One client told me she ate more candy than she handed out.  

I told her– “Don’t freak out –  a few pieces of candy won’t kill you.”

“Yeah, well it was more than a few and I then I chased it down with about a gallon of wine and then even got into my kids candy after they went to bed.”

Oh my, that’s not great.  

Feeling something similar?  Like last night maybe gotten out of hand? Like a  “Halloween Hangover”???

Or maybe you’re still holding on a bit of a “belly” from some weekend celebrations that you’d like to melt off before jolly ‘ol St, Nick comes to visit?

Well the holidays are right around the corner and that means holiday parties and gatherings. 

Sound scary?  Not to worry…

I have good news: I have your solution <<<.  I have been working on a new program, but I need to know if you’d be up for it.

Yes, I am looking for a small number of dedicated people who are ready to drop 20-40 pounds of fat in the next 12 weeks for 50% OFF.

Why would I give my best performing transformation program away for 50% OFF???

It’s simple really. It’s a trade. You get the body and health of your dreams just in time for Christmas & Hanukkah and I get *YOUR*amazing testimonials that illustrate that Brien Shamp’s Coaching has the most fun, effective and safe fat loss, transformation program around! It’s a win-win! Yes, you’ll get the entire program … 

·         12 Weeks Of Unlimited Personal Training With Me as Your Mind & Body Coach At Your Side.

·         7 Step “I AM A PRIORITY” Self Care System: You will learn routines for Breathing, Hydration, Sleep, Food, Relationships, Mindset and Movement that will make you Feel and Look your very best. 

·         Personal nutrition plan to fit your unique metabolic needs. We can dive even deeper if you get blood and DNA testing. No guessing what you need when you test!

·         Done For You Meal Plans And Weekly Grocery List, So You Never Have To Worry About What To Eat.  

·         12 Weeks Of Livestream & On-Demand Virtual Workouts To Get You To Your Goals Fast. We modify for beginners, skill and injuries.

·         Hundreds of Recipes and quick & easy meal ideas, even for the busy professional.

·         Community Support with other like-minded action takers, so you never feel alone.

·         Daily Accountability And 24/7 Support! 

You see this isn’t your typical workout program that an average trainer at the local big box gym would throw together after their weekend certification. 

Heck no, you know me better than that.

It is a specialized personal training program designed to improve your digestion, balanced your hormones, reduce your stress, strip body fat and get you lean and tight in record time.

I have also been upgrading my Custom Nutrition Plan, Done-for-You Menu Plan and Grocery List and I will throw those in to ensure your success.  I’ve created these with the specific purpose of putting you in a fat burning zone for 24 hours each day (even when you are sleeping.)

Plus, I have another secret weapon in the program too, but I’ll keep that one to myself – FOR NOW 🙂

But here’s the thing – I need to know if you are up for losing 20 pounds in the next 12 weeks on my specialized fat loss training program. I need to make sure you are a good fit for this amazing opportunity before I started advertising, which is why you need to…


This is going to be VERY cool, I think you will see some crazy results (like 20+ or more pounds of fat, 2-4 inches gone and down 4-6 sizes) insanely fast. 

But because this is a specialized and rapid fat loss program, I cannot take everyone who applies.  This time I can only take the first 5 people who are dedicated and DETERMINED to get super healthy, rid their bodies of 20+ pounds of fat or more once and for all.

So if you’d like to lose that “Weekend Belly” (or whatever belly you have), APPLY RIGHT NOW <<<

I’ll put you on the “VIP list” so you’ll get first shot at getting half off.

Coach Brien 
Mind & Body Performance Coach

PS: Remember, I can only take the first 5 serious applicants So apply here ASAP before all slots are filled up!​

​PPS:  If you already have applied and were accepted​ just be sure to confirm you orientation time this week!  I can’t wait to welcome you to your new health & fitness family!!!